We are proud to say that we have been providing quality flooring services for the Chicagoland area and suburbs since 2001. Our dedicated and professional employees are committed to doing their jobs efficiently and correctly. They have many years of experience in the flooring business and this shows in the work that they do.


Hardwood floors add beauty, elegance and value to any home. We offer a variety of services that range from installation of completely new flooring to refinishing old flooring.  We offer a large variety of finishes that can be customized to provide you with the floor of your dreams. Whether you need flooring work done in your entire home or just in one room, Vision Flooring is the company for you.



The main building blocks of a home, house walls not only provide a barrier between indoors and out, but they also support the ceiling and roof and divide the indoor space into rooms. Walls are the surfaces in our homes that partition our spaces and provide a sense of enclosure.

Dealing with walls is fundamental to many home improvement projects. Beyond the obvious decorative jobs such as painting and wallpapering are such tasks as opening up or removing interior walls and building new walls.

Abelworker Inc. is the company for you.

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Most paint finishes used today are water-based latex. Oil-based paints are rarely used for finishes anymore because the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has put a limit on the amount of volatile chemicals that can be used.


Paints have different gloss ratings, or sheens: flat, low-sheen, eggshell, semi-gloss and gloss. Flat paint has little or no sheen and is used primarily for walls and ceilings.


The remaining are considered enamels and can range from a five to 85 percent sheen rating - the higher the rating, the higher the shine. These are used for trim, cabinets and walls in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Many homeowners use enamel paint on all their walls because they are more durable and easier to clean, but low-sheen is recommended because it is more attractive than shinier enamels.

Abelworker Inc. a licensed, bonded and insured builder servicing the city of Chicago and Chicago land since 2001.



We are general contractors and we build to satisfy developers and homeowners. All of our projects are fully developed in compliance with the city building codes and outstanding craftsmanship. We coordinate every step of the process from start to completion, while effectively communicating with our customers.



You can rely on the qualified services provided by Abelworker to design your deck, porch, patio or gazebo to perfectly enhance for your property with beauty and functionality.


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A bathroom remodel can make a huge impact on your home’s comfort level, not to mention its resale value.


As you research bathroom ideas and browse photos, make sure to save any bathrooms that catch your eye, then figure out some of the common features that seem to recur throughout.


Keep in mind your space limitations, desired materials and general bathroom remodel costs before committing to a major (or minor) project.

There are several issues which can drive the need for roofing repair or replacement services:

  • Algae Growth

  • Buckling

  • Blistering

  • Curling

  • Damaged Flashing

  • Missing Shingles

  • Rotting

As your one-stop shop for first-class roofing repair and replacement solutions, we work closely with your insurance company to restore your roof back to perfect shape. From hail and storm damage roof restoration to re-roofing services, trust that we can help find a solution the problem

Whether you’re looking for a simple roof repair to keep the elements out or want a new roof that will set your home apart from the neighbors, our roofing experts can install it for you.

There are a number of factors you have to consider when choosing a new roof. Our seasoned roofers are here to guide you and to deliver the best roofing solutions.

We take pride in meeting the roofing demands of each homeowner we work with. Quality service is not something we aim to give our customers-it is something we insist upon!

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